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Driven by the desire for authenticity and artistic freedom, Wolfgang Benjamin Frister for the first time manages with his project Son Madol to give unrestricted expression to his music and his awareness of life, together with a team of like-minded musicians.

Shortly before the end of the one-year composing and arranging work on the CD Sly Ranya Loca, he begins to look for musicians willing to realize his musical ideas. Recommended by a colleague he learns from Diego Pinera, a fantastic young drummer from Uruguay, who was in Riga when calling him first. However, Diego says to listen the demos as soon as he is back again in Berlin. A few days later he sends an sms 'man, that's good music! '. This is the beginning of a close friendship and the start of Son Madol. The right man at the Congas comes to the band with percussionist Robby Geerken, a long-time friend of Diego Pinera. Trumpeter Semjon Barlas is also a founding member. Their recommendations then complete Son Madol with Thomy Jordi, Tino Derado, Robert Kessler and Simon Harrer. These extremely creative and self-contained musical personalities with their love for free expression and the ability to perform in a virtuoso manner within complex structures, give Son Madol a unique musical stylistic.

After several successful concerts in Berlin's renowned jazz clubs B-Flat, Kunstfabrik Schlot and A-Trane, the band in currently working on the next CD.


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